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I have a 2004 Ford F250 Superduty 4WD with the factory steering dampener. I have started having problems with bump steer especially at highway speeds and people keep telling me to get the steering stabilizer. What is the difference between a steering dampener and a steering stabilizer? Can I use a stabilizer in place of a steering dampener or is it in addition to it? Where does the steering stabilizer install on my F250?

A steering stabilizer is the exact same thing as a steering damper or steering dampener, they are two different ways of describing the same part. Steering dampener just describes what the part itself does - it dampens the movement in the steering system. Steering stabilizer describes what the end result of using the part does - it makes your steering more stable.

The best steering stabilizer for your 2004 Ford F250 4WD is the Bilstein steering stabilizer

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