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A MacPherson strut assembly is made up of the strut, bumpstop or boot, spring, springseat, and mount. Some strut assemblies also include other parts such as a spring isolator or mount bearings.

Here is a quick and easy visual of a typical strut assembly. Please keep in mind this is just for representation purposes and your car's strut assembly will look different and may include other parts either attached to or near the strut.

The parts of a strut assembly:

  1. Strut body or strut insert (strut inserts are typically used on older cars, see our Strut Insert FAQ for more information)

  2. Bumpstop and Boot (boot may not be required given the strut`s protected position, see our Shock Boot FAQ for more information)

  3. Strut Upper Mount

  4. Coil Spring

  5. Spring Seat (may be attached to strut body)

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