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Bilstein has become one of the leading shock manufacturers in the world for over 40 years, specializing in high-pressure gas technology. 

Bilstein performance speaks for itself...

  • Dale Earnhardt won 7 Winston Cup Championships on Bilsteins
  • Rod Millen/Ivan Stewart won 11 manufacturer's Cup Challenge Titles on Bilsteins
  • Ron Hornaday/Mike Skinner won the Craftsman Truck Championship on Bilsteins
  • Brett Hearn won 28 times in Late Model Dirt Modified on Bilsteins
  • Larry Schumacher won the Exxon GTS2 division in a Porsche on Bilsteins
  • 1995 Corvette Indy Pace Car was equipped with Bilsteins

Bilstein high pressure gas units are available in a wide variety of sizes and stiffness settings, depending upon vehicle type and use.

Bilstein Heavy Duty Valvings-
For most vehicles including full-size sedans, wagons and most trucks, these units provide improved handling and stability without sacrificing the ride. Their superior damping ability makes them ideal for heavy hauling or occasional off-road use - while still maintaining an exceptional "street" feel. As with all Bilsteins, these units instantaneously self-adjust to changing road surfaces. In addition, their performance does not gradually decline from age, use or heat - requiring no compensating manual adjustments as with conventional multi-tube units. All Bilsteins listed in our Online Catalogs are considered a Heavy Duty Valving unless specified otherwise in the catalog listing.

Bilstein Comfort Valvings -
Some vehicles come equipped from the factory with a Bilstein made shock. Specifically GM vehicles, Mercedes, and others. These units, while built by Bilstein, are made and valved to the car manufacturer's specs, not Bilstein's. They will have a soft or "light" valving. While they are still a monotube shock, they typically do not dampen as well as a Bilstein with Heavy Duty or Sport Valving. (most Customers upgrade to a HD or Sport valving Bilstein if more performance is desired.)

Bilstein Sport Valvings -
For the performance minded driver, Bilstein Sport units deliver absomute mastery of the road surface. Designed to push a car's suspension to its performance peak, these super-firm units are well suited for use with special springs, anti-sway bars, and other suspension upgrades. As with other Bilstein units, Sports are uniquely self-adjusting.

Bilstein Ralley and Race Valvings -
Bilstein units designated Ralley or Race are specifically set to meet the rigourous demands of driving competition. Their success should be measured by the unprecedented levels of acceptance and use by professional drivers in virtually all major motorsports. Ralley and Race units may include such features as spherical bearings, adjustable spring-seats longer or shorter than standard dimentions. They and not suited for street use.

"The Bilstein Sport struts I purchased from Shock Warehouse transformed the car. The stock suspension is underdamped. The Bilsteins with stiffer springs makes the car's handling precise and taught without a jarring ride. The best money I have spent on my car." D.


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