Choosing the right steering stabilizer for a Class A motorhome can make a huge difference in how you handle zooming trucks, windy roads, and the overall weight of your RV.

Searching online for the best steering stabilizer for a class a motorhome often results in recommendations for both the Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer, and the Roadmaster RSS. These two top options are recommended often for good reason - they're simply the best on the market.

Alternatives such as combining the Bilstein 5100 steering damper with front Sumo Springs can improve your RV's handling on the road.

Read on to compare the features, benefits, and installation processes of these motorhome suspension options, helping you make an informed decision to upgrade your motorhome's ride quality.

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Steering Stability: A Must for Motorhome Drivers

After nearly 30 years of selling suspension parts, we've met a lot of motorhome owners who akin their ride quality to a thrill ride at an amusement park, except it doesn't feel fun. Here's some of the considerations when operating a behemoth on the road:

  • Size and Handling: First off, Class A motorhomes are large — often ranging from 25 to 45 feet in length. This means they handle more like a bus than a car. The size can make maneuvering in tight spaces tricky, and it usually requires some practice to get comfortable with the dimensions, especially when turning or backing up.
  • Visibility: You get a high, wide windshield that offers panoramic views of the road and scenery, which is a big plus. However, due to their size, there are significant blind spots. Many models come equipped with cameras and mirrors to help mitigate this issue.
  • Driving Fatigue: Despite the comforts, driving such a large vehicle can be more tiring than driving a car. The physical demands of managing a large, heavy vehicle, along with the mental focus required, can lead to fatigue, especially on long drives.
  • Preparation and Safety: It’s important to conduct regular maintenance checks and be mindful of weather and road conditions, as motorhomes can be more affected by winds and slippery roads than smaller vehicles.

Safe-T-Plus: Precision Control

Safe T Plus 26-230 (Blue) Steering Control

The Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer is designed to provide Class A motorhome owners with superior precision and control. This system works to keep your vehicle tracking straight, reducing the effort needed to maintain direction in crosswinds, on uneven roads, or in the event of a front tire blowout. The Safe-T-Plus is recognized for its robust construction and straightforward installation process. Once installed, it offers a noticeable reduction in steering play, which translates to less driver fatigue and a more enjoyable travel experience.

  • More Control: Greatly improves steering response and stability, making it easier to maintain control of your vehicle, especially in strong winds or on uneven roads.
  • Less Driver Fatigue: By minimizing the effort required to keep the vehicle in line, the stabilizer helps reduce physical and mental fatigue during long drives.
  • Safety: Offers better control in critical situations, such as tire blowouts, by helping to keep the vehicle straight and reducing swerving.
  • Increased Tire Life: Helps distribute tire wear more evenly, which can extend the lifespan of your tires by preventing uneven wear patterns.
  • Protection Against Road Irregularities: Absorbs shocks from bumps and holes in the road, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  • Easier Handling: Makes steering less strenuous, particularly in vehicles with a large front area that are susceptible to crosswinds.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: By reducing wear and tear on steering components, the stabilizer can lower the costs of vehicle maintenance over time.

One of the key advantages of the Safe-T-Plus stabilizer is its positive centering capability, which automatically guides the motorhome back to the center position after a turn. This feature is particularly helpful in maintaining stability and reducing oversteer. With a focus on safety and reliability, the Safe-T-Plus is a solid choice for those looking to improve their motorhome's handling dynamics.

Roadmaster RSS: The Contender for Best Steering Stabilizer for a Class A Motorhome

Roadmaster RSS Steering Stabilizer

The Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer (RSS) is another top choice for improving handling in Class A motorhomes. Its primary function is to offer drivers better control by damping excessive steering movements. This translates into smoother operation and a much better driving experience, especially in challenging road conditions.

A standout feature of the Roadmaster RSS is its tempered steel spring, which works to return the steering wheel to the center after making a turn. This return-to-center force is pivotal in maintaining the motorhome's path without constant adjustments from the driver, reducing physical and mental strain during long drives. Additionally, the Roadmaster RSS is engineered to absorb shocks and minimize vibrations, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable cabin environment.

  • More Stability: Improves overall stability by reducing steering wander and keeping the vehicle centered on the road.
  • Increased Safety: Helps maintain control during sudden jolts or if a tire blows out, thus increasing safety by preventing overcorrections and swerving.
  • Less Driver Fatigue: Minimizes the effort needed to keep the vehicle straight, which reduces driver fatigue on long trips.
  • Smoother Ride: Absorbs the impact of irregularities on the road, such as bumps and potholes, leading to a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
  • Improved Handling: Provides tighter handling and reduces the need for constant small steering corrections, especially important in larger vehicles.
  • Protection for Steering Components: Reduces wear and tear on the vehicle’s steering system, potentially extending the lifespan of these components.
  • Confidence in Driving: Offers drivers a more confident and controlled driving experience, particularly in challenging driving conditions like strong crosswinds or uneven road surfaces.

For motorhome owners who prioritize smooth steering and reliable performance, the Roadmaster RSS presents itself as a practical upgrade, ensuring peace of mind on the open road.

Comparing Safe-T-Plus and Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizers

Head-to-Head Features and Benefits for the Best Steering Stabilizer for a Class A Motorhome:

Both the Safe-T-Plus and the Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer (RSS) are designed to improve the handling and safety of class A motorhomes. Here are some key differences between the two systems:

Design and Operation:

  • Safe-T-Plus: This stabilizer features a positive centering capability that actively returns the steering to the center position if the vehicle is pushed off course by wind or road irregularities. It uses a steel spring system that provides constant, consistent control.
  • Roadmaster RSS: The Reflex Steering Stabilizer also helps return the vehicle to center but primarily focuses on damping or absorbing the road forces that cause steering instability. It uses a tempered steel spring which reacts to the steering movements to stabilize and reduce overcorrections.

Installation and Compatibility:

  • Safe-T-Plus: It is generally recognized for its robust construction and durability. It can be installed on a wide range of vehicle types and is often noted for its ease of installation.
  • Roadmaster RSS: Similar to Safe-T-Plus, it is compatible with many vehicles but might require a different bracket type depending on the specific vehicle model. Installation ease can vary based on the vehicle.

Class A Motorhome Steering Stabilizer Performance:

  • Safe-T-Plus: This system is particularly noted for improving safety in extreme driving situations, such as tire blowouts, by helping to maintain directional stability.
  • Roadmaster RSS: While it also provides improved control during tire blowouts, it is highly regarded for improving general steering feedback and comfort under normal driving conditions by reducing road fatigue from constant steering adjustments.

Maintenance and Adjustability:

  • Safe-T-Plus: Offers low maintenance and high durability, with adjustability in the field to fine-tune the centering force as needed.
  • Roadmaster RSS: Also low maintenance, with some models offering adjustable stiffness to better suit the driver’s preference or to better handle specific road conditions.

Both systems are effective at increasing the driver's control and comfort, reducing fatigue, and making your motorhome safer to drive. The choice between them might come down to specific vehicle compatibility, the type of driving you do most often, and personal preference for handling characteristics.

Alternative Suspension Upgrades for Your Class A Motorhome

Bilstein 5100 Steering Damper

Bilstein 24-174534 Front B8 5100 (Steering Damper) Ford

The Bilstein 5100 steering damper presents a reliable alternative for those seeking to improve road safety and handling in their Class A motorhome. Known for its high-quality construction and performance, the 5100 series is designed to absorb road shocks and reduce steering vibration. This feature is particularly beneficial for drivers looking to maintain greater control of their vehicle on varied terrain.

  • Improved Steering Control: The Bilstein 5100 damper provides better control over steering by reducing vibrations and the harshness felt through the steering wheel, especially on uneven terrain or rough roads.
  • Safety: By dampening the oscillations and vibrations transmitted from the road to the steering system, the damper helps maintain vehicle stability, making it safer to handle in tough driving conditions like high speeds, rough surfaces, or in the event of tire blowouts.
  • Increased Comfort: Less vibration and smoother steering lead to a more comfortable driving experience, reducing driver fatigue during long trips or extended periods of driving.
  • Durability: Bilstein is known for its high-quality construction and the 5100 series dampers are built to last.
  • Consistent Performance: The 5100 series uses gas pressure technology, which provides consistent damping performance and prevents oil foaming in the damper.

Our customers who have installed the Bilstein 5100 report a significant improvement in their motorhome's stability, especially when navigating through tight turns or reacting to unexpected road obstructions. The damper's monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free performance under demanding conditions, which is valuable when operating heavier chassis motorhomes.

With its reputation for durability and effectiveness, the Bilstein 5100 steering damper is a solid choice for drivers wanting to boost their motorhome's driving safety and achieve a better driving experience.

Sumo Springs

SumoSprings K-10-001 Front & Rear Air Helper Spring Kit Ford F-53

As a type of airless airbag, Sumo Springs are designed to reduce sway and absorb bumps, providing a smoother ride. They complement steering stabilizers by addressing the vehicle's vertical movement, which directly affects ride comfort.

Installing SumoSprings on your Class A motorhome offers several benefits that improve both the ride quality and the handling of the vehicle. Here’s a look at the primary advantages:

  • Ride Comfort: SumoSprings act as a buffer to absorb bumps and dips on the road, significantly smoothing out the ride. This can be particularly beneficial on long road trips where road irregularities might otherwise cause discomfort.

  • Stability: These springs reduce body roll during turning and swaying under windy conditions, maximizing overall stability. This makes your motorhome easier to handle, especially at higher speeds or in less favorable weather conditions.

  • Load Leveling: SumoSprings help maintain a level ride height even with varying loads. This is helpful for motorhomes due to different weight distributions based on how you are packed and what additional equipment or vehicles you might be towing.

  • No Maintenance or Adjustments Needed: Unlike air springs, SumoSprings do not require air pressure adjustments and are virtually maintenance-free. They are made from a closed-cell polyurethane foam which provides a consistent performance without the need for inflation.

  • Increased Driver Confidence: With improved handling characteristics and reduced motion from roll and sway, drivers can feel more confident and in control, leading to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Overall, installing SumoSprings on a Class A motorhome not only contributes to a more comfortable and controlled ride but also helps in prolonging the lifespan of your motorhome's suspension system.

KONI Shocks for a Class A Motorhome

KONI 9044 1004 FSD

We always like to recommend KONI for RV shock upgrades. KONI, a globally recognized brand, is renowned for its high-performance shocks designed specifically for motorhomes. Installing KONI RV shocks can significantly improve the ride quality of your Class A motorhome by providing better handling, reducing sway, and improving overall comfort during travel.

Installing KONI RV Shocks, like the KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping), on your motorhome provides key benefits for the overall driving experience. Here are the key advantages of replacing your stock shocks with KONI FSD shocks:

  • Improved Ride Quality: The KONI FSD technology is designed to offer superior handling and comfort by automatically adjusting to road conditions. The FSD allows for soft damping on smooth roads for a more comfortable ride, and firmer damping on rough roads for improved vehicle stability.

  • Greater Handling and Stability: These shocks provide better control and stability, reducing vehicle sway, bouncing, and body roll during cornering, which is especially valuable in larger motorhomes that have higher centers of gravity.

  • Adaptive Damping: The FSD feature stands out because it can differentiate between various types of road vibrations, ensuring that the damping is optimal for both comfort and handling without manual adjustments.

  • Increased Safety: With better stability and reduced roll, the vehicle is easier to manage, particularly at higher speeds or in windy conditions, which increases safety. Improved shock absorption also means that the tires maintain better contact with the road, improving braking performance.

  • Longevity and Durability: KONI shocks are known for their durability and can often extend the lifespan of other suspension components by reducing the overall strain placed on the vehicle's suspension system.

  • Customizable Performance: Many KONI shocks, including the FSD line, offer customizable settings or are pre-set optimally from the factory for specific vehicle types and weights, ensuring that users get tailored performance.

Overall, KONI FSD shocks are particularly beneficial for RVs and motorhomes, providing a balance of comfort and control that significantly improves both the safety and enjoyment of road travel in such large vehicles.

Roadmaster TruTrac Anti-Sway Bars

Roadmaster 1209-136 Front Sway Bar Kit

If your motorhome feels like a boat, you have a sway problem. If a slight breeze makes you white-knuckle your steering wheel, you have a sway problem.

While it would be fantastic if Class A Motorhomes came with a superior sway bar from the factory, the reality is these big rigs just aren't suitable for a stress-free vacation without an upgrade.

Installing a Roadmaster TruTrac bar on your Class A motorhome can significantly improve your handling and keep you on the road without headaches. Here are the primary benefits we've seen from our customers adding a TruTrac bar to their RV:

  • Improved Steering Control: The TruTrac bar helps stabilize the front axle, which reduces wandering and oversteering. This makes the motorhome easier to steer, especially on uneven roads or in crosswinds.

  • Stability: By preventing excessive side-to-side motion at the front axle, the TruTrac bar is a major upgrade to the overall stability of the motorhome. This is particularly noticeable in high wind conditions or when large vehicles pass by, reducing the swaying that can typically occur.

  • Reduced Driver Fatigue: With improved steering control and stability, the driver doesn't need to make constant steering adjustments. This reduces fatigue, making your vacation feel like a vacation.

  • Safety: Better stability and control contribute to safer driving conditions. The Roadmaster TruTrac bar helps maintain better lane control, reducing the risk of accidents caused by vehicle sway.

  • Protection of Suspension Components: By stabilizing the front axle and reducing the strain on the suspension system, the TruTrac bar helps extend the life of other suspension components. This can lead to reduced maintenance costs over time.

  • Better Tire Wear: With improved chassis stability, tire wear can be more even, as there is less dragging and scrubbing of tires on asphalt during turns and maneuvers.

  • Easy Installation: Roadmaster TruTrac bars are designed for easy bolt-on installation, making it a straightforward upgrade without the need for extensive modifications.

Overall, the Roadmaster TruTrac bar is a valuable addition to a Class A motorhome, significantly improving the driving experience by improving control and stability, which in turn contributes to safety and comfort on the road.

Conclusion: What's the Best Steering Stabilizer for a Class A Motorhome?

Both Safe-T-Plus and Roadmaster make a solid product for your rig. Enter your motorhome information into our search bar to see what's available for your specific year, make and model of RV. As always, give us a shout and our experienced team can help you make the right choice for improving your motorhome's ride quality.