Looking for RV upgrades? Let's talk about the most important one you can pick - suspension. Leveling up your RV game with top-notch suspension upgrades makes for a safe journey on the road.

From Koni and Bilstein shocks that tackle bouncing and rough driving to Supersteer and Roadmaster Sway Bars for combating sway and body roll, our selection of products promises to drastically improve your driving experience.

If you're experiencing soft steering, wandering, or being pushed by heavy winds, consider Trac Bars, Sway Bars, and Steering Stabilizers from Safe T Plus, Supersteer, and Roadmaster.

To prevent tire blowouts and improve load support, check out Sumo Springs, Timbren, Roadmaster, and Safe T Plus. Read more about how RV upgrades can make your travels safer and more enjoyable.

The Inevitable Necessity for RV Upgrades

Quality Motorhome Shocks

Shocks play a critical role in your RV's suspension system by absorbing bumps and vibrations, ensuring your ride is stable and comfortable. Quality shocks, such as those from Koni RV Shocks and Bilstein RV Upgrades, are engineered to provide superior damping and control, reducing the bouncing and rough driving that can cause fatigue and wear on your vehicle.

Bilstein 24-192941 Front 4600 Heavy Duty (B6) Chevrolet, GMC

Bilstein RV Shocks

With the right shocks, you not only notice an immediate improvement in ride quality but also prolong the lifespan of your RV by preventing excessive movement that can stress the chassis and other components.

Upgrading to high-performance shocks is one of the smartest investments for any RV owner, as it improves safety and creates a more enjoyable driving experience, no matter where the road takes you.

RV Performance Issues

Combatting Sway and Body Roll

Sway and body roll are common challenges for RV drivers, causing discomfort and reducing vehicle control. These issues are often most noticeable when making turns, during high winds, or when large vehicles pass by. Sway bars from manufacturers like Supersteer and Roadmaster are engineered to minimize these problems by distributing weight more evenly and reducing the lateral movement of the RV.

SuperSteer SS101 Front Sway Bar w/Esndlink Ford F53 V10

Supersteer Sway Bar

By adding sway bars, you can expect a notable improvement in stability, making your travels less stressful and more enjoyable. The improved stability not only provides a more comfortable ride for passengers but also contributes to the long-term integrity of your RV by reducing the stress on other components.

Upgrading to a high-quality sway bar is a smart move for any RV owner who wants to tackle sway and body roll head-on.

Sway Bars and Sumo Springs

Sway bars and Sumo Springs are recommended upgrades for improving RV handling and stability. Sway bars, particularly from Supersteer and Roadmaster, offer resistance to the RV's lateral movements, effectively reducing body roll during sharp turns or wind gusts.

roadmaster sway bar

Sumo Springs, on the other hand, act as a buffer between the axle and chassis, absorbing the energy transfer that causes uncomfortable bouncing and jarring motions. This combination not only improves the overall driving experience by ensuring a level ride but also protects the vehicle's components from the stress caused by uncontrolled sway and excessive vibration.

SumoSprings SSF-111-47 Front Air Helper Spring Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550


Steering Stabilizers for Wandering and Heavy Winds

Steering stabilizers are an effective solution for RV owners dealing with soft steering, wandering, or the challenges posed by heavy winds. Products from Safe T Plus, Supersteer, and Roadmaster are designed to provide a firmer steering response, which is essential for maintaining control of a large vehicle like an RV.

These stabilizers work by dampening the feedback that travels from the road through the steering system, thus reducing the amount of effort required to keep the RV on a straight path. In situations where wind or passing trucks pose a risk of pushing the RV off course, a steering stabilizer can be a game-changer. It helps in keeping the vehicle stable and on track, preventing the driver from making constant steering adjustments.

Upgrading to a high-quality steering stabilizer can make a significant difference in driving confidence and safety.


RV Upgrades for Safety and Load Support

Preventing Tire Blowouts with Steering Dampers

Tire blowouts are a serious concern for RV owners, as they can lead to dangerous situations on the road. One way to help prevent them is by using superior steering dampers, such as those from Roadmaster and Safe T Plus.

Safe T Plus RV Steering Stabilizer

These dampers improve handling and reduce the strain on tires caused by unnecessary wobbling and instability. By stabilizing the steering, these dampers ensure that the vehicle moves in a controlled and predictable manner, which reduces the chances of tire wear that can lead to blowouts.

Steering dampers make it easier to handle unexpected road conditions or obstacles that might otherwise cause sudden tire stress.

Load Support RV Upgrades: Sumo Springs and Timbren

Proper load support is necessary for maintaining the safety and longevity of an RV. Sumo Springs and Timbren systems offer robust solutions for RV owners to manage their vehicle's load effectively.

Sumo Springs provide progressive load control, which means the more the vehicle is loaded, the stiffer they become, helping to maintain a level ride height and improve overall stability. Similarly, Timbren's suspension enhancement systems (SES) prevent sagging and reduce sway with rubber springs designed to absorb road shock and improve load management.

Timbren SES BBFTC2000 Suspension Enhancement System 5600 lb Overload Spring

Timbren SES

Both options are engineered for straightforward installation and are maintenance-free, making them an excellent choice for RV owners who want to invest in their vehicle's performance and safety.

Steering Dampers and Stabilizers: The Safe T Plus and Roadmaster Advantage

Steering dampers and stabilizers are key components in enhancing RV safety. Safe T Plus and Roadmaster offer the advantage every RV owner needs for a secure and comfortable drive. These steering dampers and stabilizers counteract the effects of crosswinds, rut tracking, and the push from passing trucks, delivering a stable and responsive steering experience.

Roadmaster RSSC

For example, the Safe T Plus steering stabilizer is designed to maintain straight-line control, making it easier to stay on course and reduce driver fatigue. Roadmaster's steering solutions also contribute to this effect by dampening the road feedback that can lead to oversteering.