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Question: I have a 2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 2WD Limited with 58k miles. The stock rear shocks are leaking and I want to raise the front a bit to have a more leveled look and ride. I am looking to put the Bilstein BE56929's on the front for the leveling. Where the question comes in is what to put on the rear? Do I go with the Bilstein HD's or just save even more money and get a set of the closeout KYB's? I have only owned stock shocks for the most part in my life so I do not know what is better in ride and longevity when it comes to shocks. I put a set of Rancho 9000's on a 2001 F-350 dually and didn't notice any difference over stock and a set of
Monroe's on a 2001 Z71 and didn't notice any difference. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jarred - RRT



None of the companies we have offer any products to raise the rear of the truck. (change the height). So you can basically use any shock you want on the rear, but we recommend a monotube for performance and durability. You are correct on the front, the Bilstein BE56929 (or BTS7514) will allow you to raise the front to be level with the rear.


KYB Gasajust/Monomax, and Bilstein are a monotube (performance ) design.
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