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Make: Chevrolet
Model: Trailblazer LT
Manufacture Date: /2005


I run a paper delivery rout in Iowa, 100 miles each
Sunday on mostly gravel. Drive 70 miles round trip to work daily during
the week. I am looking for shocks that have good control on the gravel and
still maintain good ride qualities on highway.

Currently the trailblazer LT has its origional equipment shocks with
52,000 miles on them. Gravel road manners are good, Highway a little
floaty on anything but relatively new good condition 4 lanes. Can you
advise which brand will best handle my needs. Pricing for any of the
brands your system shows for my SUV are fine. Summary, little more control
on gravel, little less float and more control on highway.


More about "ride" is mentioned on our website here -

To give you better control and handling, especially at highway speeds, you
need to use a high pressure gas monotube design.
Of that design, the Bilsteins are the best (and actually, the most popular
as far as sales).

Online catalog -

Free shippin to IA.
No sales tax.

Here's a picture of the front strut unit -

Bilstein 24-103336 More about truck struts - Bilstein Struts This page describes the basic parts of a strut front end unit - Spring Seats We do not do any installation work, so we don't have that kind of tech information. (every vehicle is a little different) But a company like Chilton or Haynes probably does in a repair manual. Struts are common, primarily on cars (for more than 40 years) so while this is a truck, the parts and repairs are common between them. :-)
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