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Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks are the best performance shocks on the market today. The Bilstein 4600 Heavy Duty line of shocks is available for cars, trucks and motorhomes and provides world class handling with luxury comfort.

Custom Made for Every Vehicle

Heavy Duty shocks are built for almost every vehicle ranging from tiny Smart Cars to gigantic Class A Motorhomes. Those two vehicles obviously have very different needs from their shocks, so you wouldn't use the shocks for one on the other. The same principal applies to all vehicles - a Chevy Silverado has a different suspension than a Ford F-150, so why should you trust the same exact valving settings in the shocks on both trucks? Many shock manufacturers do, but Bilstein doesn't. Every Bilstein shock is custom engineered for the vehicle it fits and designed to provide an ideal mix of performance and comfort.

Monotube Technology

What every Bilstein Heavy Duty shock does have in common is its monotube construction. Monotube shocks are German engineering at its finest - simple and incredibly effective. Monotube shocks keep the Nitrogen gas and hydraulic oil separate inside the shock while a traditional twin tube allows the two to mix. This allows a monotube shock to work much harder without falling victim to cavitating or aeration, where the hydraulic oil foams and the shock loses almost all of its dampening power. Bilstein Heavy Duty monotube shocks also have a much larger oil capacity and a higher pressure than the traditional twin tube shocks that come standard on most vehicles.

  • Hardened steel chrome rod
  • Seamless cylinders
  • Self-lubricating seals
  • Machined valve components
  • High pressure Nitrogen gas filled (360 psi)
  • Monotube design
  • Vehicle pecific valving
  • Use same technology found in NASCAR, SCORE, PRO-TRUCK and many other racing series
  • Large 46mm piston
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