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Model: 1993 Monaco Dynasty

What is your driving style: Luxury Driver

Vehicle Setup: Rear Wheel Drive

Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

Question: Your website lists two different parts for my 1993 Monaco Dynasty motorhome, but Bilstein only lists one, why do you have one with an R at the end?

Answer: Bilstein actually lists the same Heavy Duty part for your motorhome, F4-BE5-F629-H0, for both the front and the rear shocks on a 1993 Monaco Dynasty RV. We add the R to the end of the shock so that customers don't get confused and think that there is only a front or a rear available for their motorhomes. The shocks actually are the same and all eight that you order will be the same part number, the R is only used by shockwarehouse.
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