KYB Boots & Bumpstop Rear SB101

Price:  $12.53

KYB Boots & Bumpstop Rear SB101

This is a boot / bumpstop.

You only need to order these if the boot / bumpstops on your car are missing or worn out.

Normaly, your original boot / bumpstops are simply reused. But you do have to remove them while changing out a unit, so while you are there already doing the work, it's easy to just slip the new parts on since you already have the car apart.

The illustration shows 2 kinds, the one to the left is an older style, the one on the right (eventually) will replace the left ones as the manufacturers continue to improve their products over time.

Both are the correct part, and both are designed to fit your vehicle. (they may look slightly different, but they are the same part and do the same thing).

Vehicle Position Notes Available Years
BMW 840ci Rear Exc. Electronic Adjustable Suspension
BMW 850ci Rear Exc. Electronic Adjustable Suspension
BMW 850csi Rear Exc. Electronic Adjustable Suspension
BMW 850i Rear Exc. Electronic Adjustable Suspension
BMW M5 Rear  
Chevrolet Cavalier Rear  
Chevrolet Classic Rear  
Chevrolet Malibu Rear  
Chevrolet Metro Rear  
Chevrolet Sprint Rear  
Chrysler 200 Rear  
Chrysler Concorde Rear  
Chrysler Conquest Rear 1987: From 9/86
Exc. Adjustable Suspension
Chrysler New Yorker Rear Exc. Air Suspension
Chrysler Sebring Coupe Rear  
Dodge Avenger Rear  
Dodge Durango 2WD Rear  
Dodge Durango 4WD Rear  
Dodge Neon Rear  
Dodge Neon SRT4 and RT Rear  
Ford Probe Rear 1997: To 7/97
Exc. Electronically Adjustable Suspension
Ford Taurus Rear  
Geo Metro Rear  
Geo Storm Rear  
Hyundai Elantra Rear 2009-2010: Fits Sedan
Hyundai Sonata Rear 2004: TO 10/14/04
Hyundai Tiburon Rear  
Hyundai XG300 and XG350 Rear  
Infiniti EX35 Rear  
Infiniti EX37 Rear  
Infiniti FX35 2WD Rear  
Infiniti FX35 4WD Rear Strut / Shock Boot
Infiniti FX37 Rear  
Infiniti FX50 Rear  
Infiniti G20 Rear  
Infiniti G25 Rear  
Infiniti G35 2WD Rear  
Infiniti G37 Rear Fits AWD
Fits RWD
Infiniti M35 Rear  
Infiniti M45 Rear  
Infiniti Q40 Rear  
Infiniti Q45 (without Adjustable Suspension) Rear w/o Active Suspension
Infiniti Q60 Rear  
Infiniti QX50 Rear  
Isuzu Impulse w/ Lotus Suspension Rear  
Kia Amanti Rear  
Kia Magentis Rear Old Style
Kia Optima Rear Fits models with L4 engine
Fits models with V6 engine
Old Style
Lexus ES300 Rear Exc. Adjustable Suspension
Lexus ES330 Rear Exc. Adjustable Suspension
Lexus ES350 Rear  
Lexus RX300 2WD Rear  
Lexus RX300 4WD Rear  
Mazda 323 4WD Rear  
Mazda 626 Rear 1997: To 7/97
Exc. 4WS and Adjustable Suspension
Mazda GLC Rear  
Mazda MX6 Rear Exc. Electronic Suspension
Mazda Protege Rear Fits 4WD
Mazda Protege 4WD Rear  
Mercury Sable Rear  
Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon without adjustable suspension Rear  
Mitsubishi Diamante without Adjustable Suspension Rear  
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2WD Rear  
Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD Rear  
Mitsubishi Galant 2WD without Adjustable Suspension Rear Exc. Adjustable Suspensions
Nissan GT-R Rear  
Nissan Maxima Rear Exc. Electronic Adjustable Suspension
Nissan Sentra Rear B13
Fits FWD
Fits Base, Classic, E, GXE, Limited Edition, SE, SE-R, XE
Oldsmobile Alero Rear  
Oldsmobile Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme FWD Rear  
Plymouth Neon Rear  
Pontiac Grand Am Rear  
Pontiac Sunfire Rear  
Subaru Forester Rear Exc. Self-Leveling Rear
Subaru Forester w/o Automatic Rear Air Leveling System Rear  
Subaru Legacy 2WD w/o Air Suspension Rear  
Subaru Legacy AWD w/o Air Suspension Rear  
Suzuki Aerio Rear  
Suzuki Esteem Rear  
Suzuki Swift Rear  
Toyota Avalon Rear  
Toyota Camry Rear  
Toyota Celica Rear  
Toyota Celica All Trac AWD Rear  
Toyota Highlander 2WD Rear  
Toyota Solara Rear  
Toyota Tercel Rear Fits FWD
Toyota Tercel 2WD Wagon Rear