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SuperSprings are a unique, patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizing system for vehicles with rear leaf springs, designed to level loads and reduce body roll. They provide extra load support without compromising ride quality. SuperSprings are made in the USA from SAE 5160H (51% alloy, 60% carbon) high-grade steel.

SuperSprings Feature Adjustable Shackles

SuperSprings are designed with various shackles that will have 1, 2, or 3 bolt holes that allow the installer to adjust the SuperSprings. The bolt hole positions can also be changed by an installer to accommodate ride and other preferences. The higher the hole, the more pre-load tension, allowing the SuperSprings to start higher on the spring rate curve. This is useful for uneven load situations, like with crane trucks. SuperSprings on the crane side can use the upper bolt holes, while the off-crane side SuperSprings use the lower bolt holes.

SuperSprings are not an "add-a-leaf" or "overload" spring, but they assist and stabilize your original suspension components. SuperSprings are a suspension stabilizing system, not a simple spring. SuperSprings do utilize a leaf, or semi-elliptical, spring, but they are not designed to be added to existing leaf spring assemblies. SuperSprings are used as an enhancement, in addition to leaf spring assemblies.

Whatever your weight, if you haul loads and your vehicle is sagging in the rear, SuperSprings can help level things out -- making it easier on your tires, your brake pads and your existing suspension components.

Remember, nothing, including SuperSprings, can increase your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The GVWR of your vehicle is set by the manufacturer, it cannot change, and you should never exceed your vehicle's GVWR.

SuperSprings installations can be completed in under an hour, without taking apart the factory spring assembly. Installation is simple, either with traditional tools or the special tools available from SuperSprings.

Learn more about SuperSprings Mounting Kits.

SuperSprings carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.

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